Shade Grown Green Tea


Our Japanese Shade Grown Green Tea, or Kabusé #1, is the best green tea or sencha from the main May harvest. Characteristic of half-shaded green teas, the Kabusé #1 has a more complex flavor profile due to the refinement of active substances in a tea plant during the shading process.  The tea presents with a full and active sweet aroma, a fluorescent green cup with a wonderful fresh scent.  The umami taste is present in this tea.

The shading process leads to an increased potency of plant phytonutrients leading to higher levels of amino acids supporting mental focus and clarity.  Japanese tea ceremony and Buddhist meditation practices use shade grown teas to support their ability to be fully present and increase awareness.

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Farmer: Keiko Tea Gardens
Water Volume: 200-260 ml / 7-9 oz
Water Temp: 170 degree
Steeping Time: 50s, 15s, 15s
Tea Amount: 3 g
Multiple Infusions: 3