High Mountain Big Red Robe

The taste of a High Mountain Big Red Robe is unmatched. This has long, wide, thick, shaped smooth brownish green tea leaves, with dark red edges. The taste is mellow and smooth, with a complex arrangement of various tastes.  Rich in fragrance with a lingering, unique "rock aroma".

As a signature reserve tea, Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is the most famous of all the Oolongs. According to a legend, a scholar fell ill on-route to Beijing to take the Imperial Examination. A monk cured him using the tea leaves plucked from the Six Tea Bushes growing in the WuYi Mountains. When he returned later, having passed his examination, he offered a Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) as a gesture of gratitude to the tea bushes.

This Da Hong Pao is handpicked at at 4,500 feet. The tea gains its powerful flavor and vital energy growing out of the nutrient rich volcanic soil of the Wuyi Mountains.  The WuYi Mountain terroir, or growing region is magical.  The tea is nourished by an environment filled with ancient, volcanic rock face mountains, flowing emerald green rivers, rich bamboo and pine forests and the mystical fog that engulfs the mountains every morning.

Origin: Fujian Province, China
Farmer: WuYi Mountain collective
Elevation: 4,500 feet
Water Volume: 150 ml / 5 oz
Water Temp: 200 degrees
Steeping Time: 3 -5 minutes
Tea Amount: 3g / 1 tbsp
Multiple Infusions: 3