Hosting a Private Tea Service and Training:
  • Three Rivers Tea offers personalized tea service, training, and ceremony for your friends, family, or community. Services can range from 3 people to 30. Contact us for specific details.
  • Focused Lessons
  • Integrative Health benefits of tea
  • How to make a perfect cup of tea
  • History of Tea
  • Zen and the Art of Tea
  • Chinese tea Ceremony

Professional Food Service Tea Training:
Two-hour intensive training and tasting session working with up to 5 members of your culinary team. You will learn the foundational skills and knowledge needed to integrate tea into your current business. You will learn professional preparation and brewing methods for white, green, black, oolong, puer, and herbal teas.

Selected teas will be personally chosen by one of our Tea Masters to compliment your menu, enhancing sales and profitability.

Wholesale opportunities are available from Three Rivers Tea. Complete the wholesale intake form, or email us at contactus@threeriverstea.com.

ITMA Tea Sommelier Certification Training
Looking to become a tea professional? The ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™, a two-month hybrid program, contains all the educational requirements an individual needs for achieving the ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier™ designation, a prestigious title in the tea industry representing a significant level of tea knowledge and expertise. Registrants completing the two-part training will be able to serve as a tea sommelier at a distinguished restaurant, hotel, or tea business, or start one’s own successful enterprise.

To learn more about registering for the first part of the course - a 2-day, in-person intensive - please contact us. Our next course in Pittsburgh will be held February 4-5th, 2017.
ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course

WAY Three Rivers Tea School
As a faculty member of the International Tea Masters Association, Daniel actively teaches individuals across the country to become certified Tea Sommelier.  Integrating his extensive background in Chinese philosophy, Qi gong,  nutrition, and herbal medicine, Daniel synthesizes these deep skills into the practice and art of Tea.  Drawing from an 800-year-old tradition of the "Cha Dao," the "Way of Tea" is a time-honored practice of finding balance, momentum, and spiritual growth through the active process of exploring Tea and life.  Learning from Daniel will transform and add depth to the way you currently drink tea and teach you the foundations skills of Healing Qigong meditation.  This will unleash the full potential of tea into your life, bringing greater health benefits, exceptional taste, and a mindful based healing practice. 

WAY Wellness proudly offers the start of the Three Rivers Tea School.  Come learn, drink, laugh, move, and have fun with exceptional people in a beautiful, healing space.   Many incredibly fresh, energetically active teas will be enjoyed in each class.  All teas will be provided by Three Rivers Tea, a new Pittsburgh-based company created by Karen Henery and Daniel Johnson. 
WAY Tea School Classes

The Three Treasures of Tea    3 - 5:30 pm Sunday 1/8/17 Tea Meditation for Focused Concentration     3 - 5:30 pm Sunday 1/29/17

The Three Treasures of Tea    3 - 5:30 pm Sunday 2/12/17 Tea Meditation for Focused Concentration     3 - 5:30 pm Sunday 2/26/17

Cost is $50 per class, or join take both for $90   Classes are limited to 8 people, please register early. Classes held at 1150 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15238
To enroll call 412-772-1461 or online at www.waywellnesscenter.com contact daniel at daniel@threeriverstea.com

Course Descriptions
The Three Treasures of Tea:  
We will explore methods and techniques for developing a personal  “Way of Tea.”  You will learn how to cultivate mindfulness and self awareness while drinking tea.  You will learn how to cultivate the Taoist Three Treasures. You will learn the foundations of Healing Qigong. You will learn how use tea drinking and qigong meditations to support your personal healing practice.

Tea for Focus and Concentration:
We will explore the Chinese practice of gongfu cha. We will learn skills to enhance focus, clarity, attention, and energetic awareness through spending time and effort (gongfu) working with Tea. You will learn a five elemental approach to brewing, tasting, preparing, and evaluating tea using “gongfu cha,” or Chinese Tea ceremony. Experiential brewing and Qigong exercises will be practiced to optimize our neuro-sensory and meridian systems. We will drink high-end Green tea to support our concentration on developing a Healing meditation practice.

Contact us for more information