The Modern Problem
  • Our lives are lacking clarity; we live in world of 10,000 things.
  • The health of our mind and body is compromised.
  • We are not living a balanced life style.
  • People are not grounded and lacking a deeper connection with nature, food, and nourishment.
  • People live a life stuck in their heads creating stories of stress, worry, fear and anxiety.
  • We are burdened by technology, living in an artificially contrived world.
  • Trained to become inefficient, scattered multi-taskers. Masked by the guise of efficiency. Technology has made tasks easier but has not made people better humans.
  • Many of our root pathologies are drawn from our disconnections.

Three Rivers Tea Solution
  • Pause and reflect.
  • We can heal ourselves by reconnecting to the earth by building a special interest in the energetics of life, nature, plants, and the art of tea.
  • Transform your life by changing the way you practice tea. Remember simple wisdom that has been forgotten.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Plant Medicine and how they directly impact our physical and energetic health.
  • Develop a way of thinking that welcomes mindfulness into our daily life.
  • Learn to refine your physical and energetic system through tasting, sharing and making good tea.
  • Learn the longevity practice of Qigong to optimize and prolong your life.
  • Receive the full benefits and clarity of tea and mindfulness meditation.
  • Daily practice of tea qigong - guided by natural wisdom; combine breathing, nutrition, body movement, and intention into your practice of tea.
  • Learn how to attain this through our lifestyle programs, e-courses, and workshops.