Tea Mind

Tea mind is a self-directed program used to maximize the potential benefits drawn from mindfully drinking tea.

Clinical research shows that daily intake of tea leads to cardiovascular, chemopreventive, metabolic, neuroprotective, and other health benefits. You can observe the research summarized here by the US Tea Council.

How many people do you know that love tea and currently experience a variety of problems with their health? By activating Tea Mind we are able to apply the power of mindfulness when preparing and enjoying tea to optimize teas potential benefits. Through our combined practices in integrative health care, herbal medicine, mind-body awareness, and years of experience in the Tea Industry, we have noticed that 95% of people make tea without conscious engagement.

Anyone can drop a tea bag into a cup of hot water, walk away and come back to sip it. It takes a mindful person to magnify the healing powers of tea. Taking time to slow down, cultivate awareness of tea’s complex history, and brew very good tea is an art. Drinking tea in this fashion becomes a powerful meditation that teaches us how to unlock the many health benefits of tea.

We support your growth by taking the last 800 years of study drawn from the Chinese and Japanese "Cha Dao" or Way of Tea, and laying it out simply for you to create your personal Way of Tea.

Three Rivers Tea has developed a simple system to redefine and optimize your relationship to tea. We do this by practicing mindfulness, reflecting on nature, and teaching you to know the many distinctions found in the Art of Tea.

As we change the way we brew our tea, we build in moments of reflection and contemplation, gaining access to natural wisdom that we are normally too busy to understand.

Three Principles of Three Rivers Tea
  1. Plant Medicine: Biochemical and energetic plant nutrition.
  2. Tea Mind: A deep curiosity and interest in working with very good tea
  3. Alchemy: The process of transforming something common into something special. The active process involved in generating optimal health and prolonging life.
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