Toasty Green

Japanese style Toasty Green or Kabusé Matcha Genmaicha, is a unique blend of half-shaded green tea leaves and organic roasted brown rice (Genmai), topped off with fresh organic matcha powder. The brewed tea results in a heavenly dark green brew, with delicious roasted and nutty character. This is one of the highest quality genmaicha's available.

The infusion is warming, comforting, and very gentle on digestion.  It is a perfect choice to have along with meals.
Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Farmer: Keiko Tea Gardens
Water Volume: 200-260 ml / 7-9 oz
Water Temp: 65-70
Steeping Time: 50s,15s,30s
Tea Amount: 3 g
Multiple Infusions: 3