Small Green Spirals

These ancient green tea leaves are rolled into Small Green Spiral shaped leaves.  They provide an astonishingly fragrant, hearty aroma of toasted pine nuts, fresh grass, and a light sweet finish.

Small Green Spirals, also called Bi Luo Chun, is regarded as one of the ten famous teas of China.  Harvested in the spring by hand from wild, ancient tea trees grown at high elevation in Yunnan province.  The absorbed "Sun Qi" or solar energy is further condensed and accentuate by the hand rolling process creating a truly remarkable tea.  Capable of providing five  dynamic infusions, Small Green Spirals is a vibrant green tea to be enjoyed daily. It is harvested from 200 year old wild trees grown on an ecological farm in Yunnan province, China.
Origin: Wu Liang Mt, Yunnan Province, China
Elevation: 6,000-7,200
Water Volume: 150 ml / 5 oz
Water Temp: 170 - 180 F
Steeping Time: 2-3 minutes
Tea Amount: 3g, 1tsp
Multiple Infusions: 5