Cold Dew Part 2- Instruction videos and practices
Monday, October 10

Our practice is to stand outside and feel the cold on our skin while noticing our inner warmth.  

As we practice this we allow the exterior cold to challenge the surface of our body engaging our "Wei Qi".  This type of energy is our bodies defensive energy.  It is reflected in our immune system and the boundary that we hold between self and not self.

As we engage our physical external boundary using the "Cold Morning Dew", we activate the dynamics of Yin and Yang internally.   Embracing the cold causes our pores to close, contracting our surface, pooling our Yang Qi just under the surface of the skin.  Practicing this daily through the beginning of the fall acts to drive our yang energy inside, banking our Yin energy, and supporting our metabolic fire for the duration of the winter season.  

If you tend to develop colds and upper respiratory problems throughout the fall and winter this is a very powerful technique to strengthen and support your lungs and immunity.

To nourish and build our immune system we should be drinking several cups of Puer tea daily.  Rich in antioxidants and probiotics, this tea engenders a healthy gut microbiom while supporting the digestive system.  As the Digestive system is consolidated and optimized it provides a strong foundation for the functioning of the immune and respiratory system.  Chinese medicine describes how the Earth (Spleen / Stomach) is the Mother of Metal (Lungs).

As we practice tea Qi gong, we learn the importance of adjusting the way we brew tea to be consistent to the changing seasons.