The Coming of Autumn
Sunday, August 14
Just as the Full moon begins to wain, so does the Intense heat of summer.  The peak of fire is fleeting.  It takes commitment and a tremendous amount of energy to keep it focused and aligned.  As the season begins to shift towards the fall, the abundance of yang energy begins to decline.  It will remain hot, but we will start to notice signs of the underlying yin energy.   The evening may begin to cool, you may notice a light moisture on the morning lawn.  Your well tended garden starts to bear harvest.  The fruits and vegetables grow ripe with potential.  The late summer is the time of the Earth.  It is very humid, Qi begins to condense and slow down.

The nature of the end of Summer is slow and heavy.  In the Mid-Atlantic states the weather is very humid.  When we walk around and talk with our community, so many conversations are about how we are suffering with the heat.  The end of summer is like setting your oven at 350 degrees and slowly roasting a meal.  The power comes from the time spent in the heat.  It is a very different warmth than the onset of summer.  To attune to this heat we must time our actions with that of the changing day.  We must respect the powerful gravity and substance of the Earth.  Choose to be more active in the morning and evening.  Take time in the afternoon to be still and reflective.  Use this time to tap into your will, utilize your fire, choose to stay present and engaged in the blossoming projects you have created all summer.

Remain attuned to the Greater Heat.  Keep drinking your black teas.  Allow the act of drinking black tea to fuel your desire to create Fire in your life.

Stay Present

The greatest heat has past.

When drinking Tea, mindfully hold your cup in your hands and absorb the warmth into your body.  The Chinese view the palms of the hands as openings to the heart.  We use our hands to engage with the external world and make change.  Use the act of drinking tea to support your attunement to the late summer season.  Be more aware of the quality of your drinking vessel.  Notice its ability to hold warmth and moisture.  Your cup is a symbolic reflection of the earth.
Allow your Tea time to be reflective of the power of the earth.  Be grateful for your harvest that is nearly within reach.

Ancient Black Needle is an attuning tea for the heat of summer.
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